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ssing module for China's upcoming exascale supercomputer pr▓ototype developed by Sugon, a high-tech company affi▓liated with the CAS. An exascale supercomputer can make▓ a quintillion - the number one followed by 18 zero▓s - calculations per second. That is 10 times faster than the current world

champion, the Chinese Sunway TaihuLight super computer.A major challenge for the design of such a

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computer is the cooling system. Sugon engineers have created a method in which the computer's processors are completely submerged in cooling liquid. This br▓eakthrough has made possible the delivery of a prototype later this year, said Chen Jin, vice-general manag

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▓ that conducts electricity, such as water. But we are using▓ a special insulating liquid that does not harm the c▓ircuits and that can effectively remove the heat by pumpin▓g the material in and out of the system."This technol▓ogy is called Immersion Phase-Change Co

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oling. Because the l▓iquid is recycled and reused within the machine, the enginee▓rs were able to stack processors with relative ease, thus▓ increasing the computing power, Chen said.Jay Siegel, a▓ US chemist at Tianjin University, said it is encouraging that China

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  • ltipurpose▓ hypersonic vehicle known to the public - the other ▓is the HIFiRE vehicle jointly developed by the United States and Australia.A scramjet engine can be used to mak▓e superfast cruise
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